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“A dream is just a thought until it is lived out completely…”

Bryant’s eye for detail and extensive knowledge of color, fabric and composition continues to be evident as he consistently reveals timeless, wearable looks that evoke sophistication, glamour and elegance. The intricate detail of his work earned him the name “Stitch” by his peers and his deliberate and often times, sensual work continues to combine modern craftsmanship with vintage flair, generating a multitude of looks that embody beauty that clearly depicts his style and interpretation.
As a participant in LA Fashion Week, Bryant designed distinctive pieces for LA based designer Hiromi Dragonfield, who is known for B by Aperire shoes. For Project Ethos 2011 and was featured in 2012 spring issue of “Artizine” magazine. One of Bryant’s designs landed on the cover page of LA Fashionweek.net. He debuted his first private collection in the Art Institute’s 2012 Fashion Show, “The Body Politic”, and his risqué, elegant translucent line was indeed noted to be the classiest line to caress the runway. “To perfect the woman with curves”, he has showcased ultra-feminine garments while not leaving out bold professional pieces for today’s modern woman. His second line previewed at the RAW Los Angeles Artists showcase CUSP 2017. This line "Red Shadows" will be on full display at the 2018 Patriot's Promise Vetrans benifit in NewPort Beach. Ca.













"All DAY" Strength & Beauty 2013


17.08.2018 05:22

Lady Bryant

Awsome work!